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Jan 27

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  • Is there something missing from this website? Were you looking for more information and couldn't find it? Is there a button that doesn't work or a page that wont load? Tell us here so we can do better!
  • Hello Readers, Welcome to our new website! It's under construction so if you notice issues please submit a post on this blog with details so our team can fix it. Welcome again to this blog space where our members can openly discuss ideas and events. Meeting minutes will get posted here and event updates will be shared. Hope you find it informative and useful! If you are a new member, please feel free to engage with our team here. And for best results, please attend our monthly meeting at Beef O' Brady's on 3rd Wednesday of each month @ 6:30 pm. If you want to be involved in social event planning, please join our steering committee that meets on the Saturday morning, 10 am, preceding the monthly meetings. Get in contact with Ben Bolan,, to receive invites to that meeting. This is our first monthly Newsletter and it is very short and missing a lot. But its a new officer team and we are getting better fast. Hope you enjoy the site, see you at the meeting!